What could improve my twitter experience?

I glanced on this tweet and thought of sharing my little suggestions.

The people I follow tweet on multiple topics. However, not all the tweets are relevant to my interests. If I can have an option to either follow all tweets from an account or tweets on specific topics from an account, it would make my experience better.

In the twitter Bio or below the Bio, people can be given an option to add approximately, 5 -6 topics of interest.

Ex: Design, Startups, Health, Football, National Politics, Local News…etc. 

Or something like, Tweets on #design, #startups, #health, #football, #nationalpolitics, #localnews…etc. 

While Tweeting, users should be presented with their topics of interest, as tappable buttons to quickly select the tweet’s topic. Once the user selects the relevant topic from the available options, the selected topic should be added to the tweet as #tag. Ex: #design, #startups, #health, #football, #nationalpolitics, #localnews…etc

Also, when I open Twitter, I wish to have quick filters in the form of #tags or tabs, above the feed, to view tweets on the topics of my interests.

I retweet a lot of tweets from others, many of which are part of my learning, and I wanted to refer to those retweets later. If there is an option to easily search and filter all my retweets, based on the account and topic, it would be great.

I also wish to see the profiles differentiated based on if they are individuals, companies, magazines, news papers, political parties…etc. and then would like to have search filters to view tweets based on these types. 

Thanking you in anticipation 🙂

PS: I predominantly use Twitter on desktop.