An acrostic – II

As I was in search of love
She cared for me like a dove
Heartily she canoodles me &

Obviously her gentle nuzzles
Knocks out all my hassles

Pampering and perfecting me, she
Refurbishes all my senses
And she is my darling sister, personified with love
Bestowed to me by the almighty
Having so high regards for her
Unrestrained love for her, I express

Written with fond thoughts of my darling sister, Kalaivani


An acrostic – I

We were in the first semester of our Under Graduation. Our English professor explained what an acrostic poem is and instructed us to write one. I thought for a while and then came the first poem of my life:

Aishwarya, the beauty queen
Singing in the garden
Holding her fiancé’s palms
Offering her beautiful looks
Kindled her fiancé’s feelings

Pressing her palms tightly
Reacting to her gestures
Ashok, her handsome fiancé
Bestowed her with a wonderful kiss &
Hugging her tightly,
Uttered ‘I love you’

n.b. This might sound a bit romantic because as a fresher at college, I just wanted to play some pranks. No hidden intentions otherwise.

A Gentleman

An honest man, a man with a sense of duties and obligation of his position, whatever it may be, a man who tells the truth, a man who gives to others their due, a man who has principles and stands by them, a man considerate to the weak, a man who is not too elated by good fortune and not too depressed by bad, a man who is loyal, a man who can be trusted.
(The credo inscribed in the academic block’s lobby of my alma mater – Sainik School, Amaravathi Nagar)