Morning is calm with the birds chirping,
Sky is bright and the air is fresh,
Sun’s bright light,
Starts the day with a delight,
The world seems so pleasing,
And nature’s beauty is never ceasing,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is in nature.

Folks sweat and work for a living,
Which is always rewarding,
‘cause they believe ‘Work is Worship’

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is in working well.

Teresa cared for leprosy,
Lincoln dared slavery,
Soldiers guard the nation,
Teachers build the nation,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is in rendering genuine service.

Each of us consider someone as special,
Whom we feel is a God’s blessing,
Their presence makes us spirited,
They may be the essence of our life,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is in human disguise.

Gentle pats, Genuine smiles,
Kind gestures, Smooth talks,
Spending time with our loved ones,
All makes us feel warm and light,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is in love and friendship.

God seeks,
Neither temple nor worship,
Neither sacrifice nor gold,
Neither rites nor rituals,

You need not be pious nor ungodly,
Whether a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian,
Be a humanitarian.
Be honest, be loving,
Be brave, be strong.

Holy water is a mere liquid,
Holy books are mere words,
Images are lifeless and cannot speak,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is in doing good, being good.

Alas! I laugh,
When the fish in the water feels thirsty,
The real is in home and
Ignorance makes us insane.
For the who finds his soul,
And who knows himself,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God is within him.

For the one who is unafraid of death,
The one who dies with happiness and contentment,

O Goodness, O Truth,
God was in his life.

One who loves life,
Loves God.

O Goodness, O Truth,
Life is God’s gift to us,
Living well is our gift to God.

PS: “I laugh when I hear that the fish in the water is thirsty.” was adapted from a Kabir’s poem

Wrote this for a Verse Mongering competition held as part of Revelry ’06 at Kongu.Received 1st place